About The Frisco Music Scene

Music is to a city what flavor is to food.  A city like Frisco, Texas, needs its own music to help define its unique character and style.  The Frisco Music Scene is a collaboration of local artists, venues, and community leaders dedicated to this understanding.  Our goal is to nurture a distinct musical culture for our developing city.

The three pillars of our philosophy are:  creativity, community, and citizenship. By creativity, we encourage original music by local artists of various genres. By community, we understand music to be not only the product of a musician, but an interaction between the artists, their location, and their audience. And by citizenship, we are especially interested in nurturing a musical culture that identifies itself with the Frisco experience, from its historic roots to the blooming society it is producing.   

In the end, it is our mission to help Frisco develop not only as a hub of commerce, but as the center of a flourishing culture.  


Now, let's make a scene!

The Frisco Music Scene is a non-profit organization directed by: 

Steve Anderson
Matt Hinchey
Jeff Brooks
Stacey Shope
Daly Duncan
Ben Shurr
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