The Jamboree Scramble

"Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected." - William Plomer

What if you took a bunch of prominent musicians and Frankensteined  them into new bands for one performance?

You'd get the JAMBOREE SCRAMBLE - an experiment of the local music scene in which musicians are randomly shuffled into ad-hoc bands.  These "Scrambled" bands are given two months to prepare original songs and a few cross-genre covers that they perform at the WHISTLESTOP JAMBOREE music festival in October. 


HOW IT WORKS:  In August, the Frisco Music Scene committee will meet to draw each participant's name from a hat to form the Jamboree bands.  (You might get a punk-rock drummer with a rockabilly bassist, a swing fiddler, and a Gospel vocalist.  Who knows!)  These Jamboree Bands will then have several months to get together and prepare a half-hour performance to showcase at the Whistlestop Jamboree music festival.

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about The Jamboree Scramble:


  • What is the Jamboree Scramble?  This is a musical mixer in which musicians in the DFW area are randomized into makeshift bands (of approximately 4-to-5 members)f. Each band then prepares a half-hour performance to showcase at the Whistlestop Jamboree music festival. 

  • What is The Whistlestop Jamboree?  It is a yearly music festival hosted by the Frisco Music Scene in October to promote the local culture of original artists in and around Frisco, Texas.  The festival typically consists of prominent local bands, the Jamboree Scramble bands, and a stage for young up-and-coming talent.  

  • How are musicians selected?  All local musicians are welcome to submit an entry form.  However, if there is an overabundance of a certain category (e.g., guitar players), the FMS committee may limit the number for that category.  Once musicians are confirmed, participants are randomly assigned to their Jamboree bands some time in August.

  • How are musicians assigned to their Scramble bands?  Once all Jamboree musicians are confirmed, the FMS committee (literally) puts the names of each in a hat and they are drawn per instrument/category into their respective bands. They are then notified of who their band mates are so they can start planning and rehearsing.  

  • Can musicians switch members with other bands?  Nope.  Part of the challenge and fun of the Jamboree Scramble is, you get the hand you’re dealt and play it as creatively you can.

  • When are musicians notified of who is in their Jamboree band?  Musicians are notified of their assigned Jamboree band mates approximately two months prior to the festival, and provided with each other’s contact information in order to communicate, arrange rehearsals, and come up with a band name/identity.

  • What is the objective of each Scramble band?  Jamboree Scramble bands are encouraged to prepare at least 2 original songs and 2 creative cover songs, not to exceed 30 minutes of live performance time.   

  • Is this a contest?  Not exactly. This event is more about collaborative creativity than competition. But, based on their performance at the festival, one of the Scramble Bands will be selected for a free recording session at a local studio.

  • How much does it cost to enter the Scramble?  There is a $20 entry fee which goes toward the festival operation and studio recording for one of the selected Jamboree bands.  

  • Are Jamboree musicians paid?  No.  This is strictly for the love of creating music with other diverse and talented artists, and the opportunity to meet new people in the local music scene.

  • What time will each Jamboree band perform?  The schedule of performance slots are announced a few weeks prior to the Whistlestop festival.

  • What is provided at the Jamboree stage?   Sound PA and microphones will be set up on stage.  A backline with bass cabinet and drum set is also provided.  Anything beyond that, such as your instruments and cables, will be the responsibility of each musician.    

  • What is the procedure on the day of the festival?  On the day of the Whistlestop festival, all members are expected to arrive and check-in with the stage manager one hour prior to their scheduled performance.  Sound check will be "festival style" within the 30 minutes prior to performance.