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Loyal Sally: At The Scene Of The Crime

A brutal murder. A tragic kidnapping. And some feel-good folk-rock.

No, it's not the latest Coen Brothers film. It's all part of a recent music flick from the Dallas-based four-piece, Loyal Sally. And that's essentially what you get with the band itself - the tension of a dark humor that forces a chuckle out which you hope no one noticed. Serious and silly at the same time. It's the kind of musical quirk that would fit Jaret Reddick of Bowling for Soup like a bloody glove. And it did, apparently. He helped co-write and produce the new Loyal Sally tune, "Postcards," for which the True Detective-esque video was made.

Loyal Sally was on the scene of the 2018 Whistle Stop Jamboree, and though it seemed that many in the crowd had not heard them before, by the time the band exited the stage, they were a festival favorite. The Frisco Music Scene people, who host the Whistle Stop each October, continued to hear praise from the audience throughout the day: "Who were those guys?" and "Loyal Sally is my new jam!"

That's one of the great things about this music festival. You get an all-day ear full of talent from around the Metroplex, on multiple stages - artists right here in North Texas creating original music in your own back yard (more about this, click HERE). And while part of the artistry is in writing great songs with catchy melodies and phrases, there is no doubt an artistry to live performance and engaging the audience. Loyal Sally had certainly honed both.

Having poked around in the DFW music scene for awhile, I'd always heard rumors of the antics of this band (such as when a lost bet required them to cut off their hard-earned, ZZ-Top-length beards on stage at The Rustic). So I was eager to catch an interview with front-man Michael "Bubba" Lindblom (beard fully restored now), whose sense of humor came quickly to the surface.

Brooks: What would you say is Loyal Sally's "elevator pitch?" You know, what you're all about in five-seconds or less?

Lindblom: We like to perform, and we also like to drink and tell jokes, so... Our elevator pitch might go something like, as I'm finishing a beer from my six pack, "Yo dudes! Come to our show. We need more people so I can stage dive." And the reply from the person in the elevator is, "Hmmm... We are busy."

Brooks: I've heard a rumor, that you named the band after your dog?

Lindblom: I admire loyalty. I’ve never known Loyalty like that of my dog. Her name was Sally. RIP 5/29/2019

Brooks: As a band, what do you all hope to accomplish?

Lindblom: When Michael [Lewis] and I started performing in high school our goals were to be rich and famous. Once you join this crazy thing called the Dallas music scene you start to see that it’s not all fancy cars and diamonds. It’s a lot of hard work. Our ultimate goal is still to be rich and famous [Laughs]... We talk a lot about leaving things behind for our kids. Even if it’s just some songs we wrote.

Brooks: Who are some artists or bands that have inspired your sound - those who, if our readers enjoy, would also enjoy your music? 

Lindblom: Over the years I’ve heard a few comparisons such as Avett Brothers, Big Little Lions, and Timberwolf. I go back and forth between Americana and folk-rock....whatever that is.

Truth is, each member has their own style and background, from rap to jazz which makes up the unique sound which is Loyal Sally.

Brooks: Describe your songwriting process, and particularly, the evolution of one of your favorite songs you perform live? 

Lindblom: Michael and I have been writing songs together for over 20 years. One of us comes up with a small idea and we send it back and forth adding our own ideas. The GarageBand app on the iPhone is crazy these days. So cool. Then we present it to the other guys. My personal favorite song to perform live is “Call Me Crazy” off our Ellis album. It’s High energy and there is a part of the song that LS fans like to sing. That’s the best feeling in the world. On the writing side, I take inspiration from a lot of different places. One song can be about so many different thing to me. That’s the cool thing about it though, I have my meaning and usually the listener can come up with their own interpretation.

Brooks: What was it like making the video for "Postcards"?

Lindblom: Wow! Postcards was so fun. We teamed with the lead singer of Bowling for Soup and he helped produce and write the song! We started with the goal to do the song and a video. Since we had such a good reaction from a previous video for a song called "Bye Bye" that was filmed and edited by Ludision Studios and Michael Triverso, we had to get them involved. It was a 3-day shoot with all the bells and whistles. I’m talking hair and makeup, lights, cameras and action. We took a risk because the song does not really match the video but whatever. [Laughs] Our sponsor, Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo made this all possible and the owners even do a cameo in the video as “Murder Victim” and “Crying Woman.” 

Brooks: Tell us about your experience at the 2018 Whistle Stop Jamboree.

Lindblom: We loved playing Whistle Stop! I personally feel like we get a better reception outside of Dallas and in surrounding cities. That always makes the show a little more fun, therefore the show is better. We want to come back!

Brooks: What are other DFW-area bands to keep an eye on?  

Lindblom: In no particular order:


Gawd Almighties

Brave Little Howl

Rose Garden Funeral Party

The 432Hz Ensemble

Brooks: Good News! One of those on your list will be one of the featured bands at this year's Whistle Stop Jamboree on October 19th. But I can't spill the beans on who that is yet until it goes official. ...Anyway, what are some of your favorite venues for performing around DFW?

Lindblom: In no particular order:

The Freeman

3 Links

Deep Ellum Art Co.


Gas Monkey

Sundown at Granada

Lava Cantina

Brooks: What's been the toughest challenge you've faced as a band?

Lindblom: Staying young and also realizing we are getting old. [Laughs] ...But seriously just juggling schedules with multiple members having families and children and busy lives outside of music. 

Brooks: Do you have any upcoming news or projects to tell us about? 

Lindblom: We have been writing new material at Valley Of The Kings Music with Billy Syn. Also, playing several shows in the coming months in Dallas and Ft worth.

Brooks: Any last words before we go?

Lindblom: I’d like to thank our sponsors Beth and Thomas Barrington at Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo and Smoke Shop. Awesome sponsor and even better people. We look forward to many more years of making music that we hope you all enjoy. #stayloyal

You can find the music of Loyal Sally and follow their activity through Facebook and Instagram @LoyalSally. See their show schedule and get merch at

Jeff Brooks is co-founder of The Frisco Music Scene and fronts the Dallas-area band The Bodarks.

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